Clinical Trial Software

Web based EDC Software designed for speed and safety protocol design and start subject data collection quikly, ZDI Electronic Data Capture helps clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) launch and conduct global clinical trials more efficiently and effectively. Widely used in global, multi-site clinical trials. Eletronic data capture system ZDI EDC empowers onsite personnel to act with patient records, We are leading to better data quality and reduced time to database lock. The new release features significant enhancements that enable nGelSys Clinica to fully support increasing demands for complex study design scenarios, including oncology trials.

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Start Clinical Trial in 4 steps

  • Create protocol brief description page
  •   Answer these few questions Study basic detail. You will create a study brief description page to communicate with doctors or hospital network. Questions can be setup by just creating another page easily. 
  • Create Questionnaire page for patient
  • Create set of questions, Set header, footer, company logo.
  • Share link in site/hospital site network
  • Communicate with network hospitals for subject recruitment. Let them populate subject and reconcile subject answers.
  • Doctors will send questionnaire 
  • Send Link by SMS/Email on patient mobile device
    Site investigator can share questions link by SMS or email with subject. Doctor will explain protocol brief risk and treatment. More about visits, laboratory tests, payout etc.
    If subject is agreed to participate in clinical trial. He will answer questions based upon his actual data.
Start clinical trial today

Don't wait for month to software design for protocol, enroll subject parallel and move to EDC.

CRO can monitor subject data and consider or reject based upon protocol criteria. Recruited subjects will be rolled out for treatment and data capture process. 
  • Quick Study Design, User friendly & Affordable Clinical Trial Software

  • Clinical Data management software needed by many healthcare/life science organizations that works in clinical research and do clinical trials. nGelSys® Clinica provides solution for eCRF capture and data management for single and multisite clinical trials. Each Clinical trial have its own study protocols and set of rules which need quick software solution as per dynamic business need. ZDI-EDC is solution for replacement of move from paper-based or spreadsheet-based case report form to electronic case report form (ECRF). However, finding the right EDC system - that supports study quality to meat FDA submission compliances, It can be set up and adopted quickly by staff, and offers an affordable price range is not challenge.

  • ZDI-EDC (Electronic Data capture Software)
  • nGelSys ECRF Studio
  • Clinical Trial Reports
  • Lab Integration with EDC
  • ECRF Validation and Site Entry
  • Query Management Data Quality Control and Audits

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  • Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

    Clinical trial management software key features-

  • 1.      Rapid design- Quick start big protocols & manage big study easily
  • 2.      Pre- defined Domain Library
  • 3.      Field Level auditing
  • 4.       Access Control- Difference access levels- Protocol Administrator, Project manager, CRA, Site User, Site Investigator, Data quality control user, Data viewer
  • 5.       Electronic signature- Electronic case report form and PI Signature
  • 6.      Automated data validation, Audit trial, Query/discrepancy management.
  • 7.      Auto Query, SDV and CDQC and eSignature Support
  • 8.      High Quality, Very comparative price and affordable billing for customization if needed.
  • 9.      Adhere industry guidelines and SOP.
  • 10. User friendly live reports and monitoring tool
  • 11. It is similar to Oracle RDC. Fully configurable.
  • 12. Multisite support.
  • 13. Local and Central Lab data Integration on case report form
  • 14. Easy to automate paper base protocols to electronic CRF based protocol
  • 15.  Training and support
  • 16.  Easy data submission and full support for international trials
  • 17.  Open for customization and extension

Online Patient Enrollment System

Design questions online share with subject and analyze.

Create online survey and do response analyse on fly.

  • Create Survey Design- You can easily design survey. Complex survey are designed by our technical team.
  • Share and publish to survey volunteer to submit response.
  • Capture feedback
  • Do analysis using nGelsys online survey analysis tool.
  • Import data answer and keep archieved into PDF/XML etc

nGelsys Survey- is online survey software, for doing online survey on verious things. We do any survey or research analysis in these steps.

Online feedback and survey system

nGelsys online survey software is used in different domains like education, marketing, health care, human resource and banking. For evaluating customer satisfaction, product analysis and finding suggesion and feedback.

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